Software for start-ups: how to make the right choices

Start-ups are always looking for a lean and affordable way to keep their day-to-day processes under control. This involves choosing the right software. Lots of start-ups start with making the wrong choices, which leads to several disadvantages along the way. In this article we’ll tell you all about making the right decision, and the consequences of making the wrong one.

The classic (‘wrong’) way:
a patchwork of IT tools

Start-ups very often start using a variety of low cost IT tools to support their initial business processes. After some time, they are confronted with a patchwork of IT tools, which they are trying to integrate and maintain. Very often this leads to an unstable IT landscape, error prone integrations, duplication of data, lack of oversight and so forth. This unstable combination of IT tools will definitely form an obstacle for business growth.

What happens to your software
when your start-up grows?

As they grow, start-ups look to replace some of these tools by a local or low-end ERP designed for small businesses. One of the most common mistakes we see these fast growing start-up companies make is not positioning themselves for future needs, especially when it comes to software. We often see fast growing start-up companies struggle with low cost IT tools and then choose a small business solution with little thought about the future. 

Whilst a local or low-end ERP may solve many of the problems associated with a patchwork of IT tools, when start-ups continue to grow, add new products or services, enter new geographies, they are quickly confronted with the limitations of their local or low-end ERP. Just when they need an ERP to expand, they are confronted with the limitations of their ERP, and are forced to overhaul their ERP system right when they hit a period of fast growth.

The alternative (‘right’) way:
cloud software that scales from the start

There is an alternative way: Netsy focuses on providing start-ups with the right software to start their business and grow: NetSuite, the global #1 Cloud ERP solution, ‘right-sized’ for start-ups in terms of price and functionality, and scalable as the start-up grows.

Netsy offers NetSuite with strongly adjusted price settings for start-ups. Netsy has pre-configured NetSuite as a ‘standard’ out-of-the-box small business solution, which allows for fast on-boarding and go-live.

By using NetSuite from the start, the start-up is supported by state of the art software. As the start-up grows, NetSuite can be extended to use more advanced functionality, modules, customisations, dashboards, reporting, and so on.

In this way the start-up avoids the pitfall of a patchwork of IT tools and skips the phase of a local or low-end ERP which most likely will hinder business growth and lead to a costly ERP overhaul.

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Netsy is the leading NetSuite partner for start-ups. Netsy combines the offering and onboarding of NetSuite with back-office finance and accounting services run on NetSuite, allowing start-ups to fully focus on their business growth.

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