Venture capital-backed companies thrive on NetSuite

Venture capital-backed firms can now deploy NetSuite across their portfolio companies. NetSuite provides a Shared Services Outsourcing model that accelerates deployment, reduces costs, removes risk and prevents disruption to business operations when implementing a new Finance or ERP. We’ll tell you all about the advantages in this article.

Why should Venture Capital firms choose NetSuite?

NetSuite gives Venture Capital firms the opportunity to provide their portfolio companies with an industry leading cloud ERP platform that can support their growth from start-up to enterprise.

Standardize, reduce costs and
improve visibility!

Your NetSuite Outsourcing Provider will use its license to run back-office financials and accounting for each portfolio company. This reduces overall expenses, and allows all parties to focus on their core strengths. Each portfolio company is set-up as a separate NetSuite entity. Venture Capital management is provided standard dashboards and analytics across the practice, providing clearer insights and faster decision-making.

Avoid disruption to ensure
business growth

Portfolio companies need an ERP to enable growth. Rather than starting with separate local applications and spreadsheets, getting stuck and then facing a costly ERP implementation which disrupts the business growth, portfolio companies can start using NetSuite from the start.

As the back-office finance and accounting is run on NetSuite by the NetSuite Outsourcing Provider, your portfolio company can easily start using NetSuite to support the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay process, and further extend the use of NetSuite to cover Manufacturing, Projects, WMS, CRM, Ecommerce and so on. Your NetSuite Outsourcing Provider can configure and support this deployment. Configurations, workflows and analytics can be replicated between portfolio companies in similar industries, allowing fast deployment across portfolio companies and further reducing costs and risks.

Easy transition through
transition licenses

As your portfolio company starts deploying additional ERP capabilities beyond back-office financials and grows in revenues, it  will outgrow the NetSuite outsourcing model, and the license ownership can be transitioned to the portfolio company with no requirement to migrate data or re-implement the system

Once your company is completely running on NetSuite, it will enjoy all the benefits of the industry leading cloud ERP, with world class functionality, top security, low TCO and excellent user experience. You’ll be rightly positioned for further growth and success!

Netsy: the leading NetSuite Outsourcing Provider in the BeNeLux

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